Selecting the Right Patio Furniture Cushions

If you’ve shopped for patio furniture then you know that there are two types of patio furniture cushions. Those are those that are an integral part of the furniture you’ve selected, much like the furniture in your home, and then there are cushions that can be purchased after market that can either replace your existing cushions or be added to a piece of furniture that didn’t originally have them.

If you’re shopping for patio furniture that has cushions, you may want to start your search online. While local home improvement and patio furniture stores may have fewer than a half dozen options to choose from, online stores often have greater selection, not only of styles, but of fabric colors for your patio furniture cushions.

Most of the patio furniture cushions today have an acrylic or acrylic/polyester blend fabric. This allows them to repel water and resist fading under normal use. Cushions can also be covered with a canvas-like material or cloth as well, especially with more expensive pieces of outdoor furniture. The best quality padding is polyester because it dries more quickly if it gets wet.

Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, these fabrics won’t have that plastic feel of less expensive furniture. The feel is more like spun cotton: soft, smooth and very welcoming.

The nice thing about these types of cushions is that they are easy to maintain. When they start to look a bit dingy, simply hose them off or use a mix of water and mild detergent to remove tougher stains.

If you’re looking for furniture with furniture cushions already integrated into their design, the selection is fabulous.

When shopping for furniture with cushions, you may be amazed at the rainbow of colors available these days, particularly online. Many furniture sellers stock a wide range of traditional and fashion colors as well as patterns, so you can create just the look you’ve been searching for. Many pieces can even be custom manufactured, allowing you to specify the color of the patio furniture cushions as well as the color of the furniture itself.

The thickness of the cushions may also come into play in your decision-making. Some people find it difficult to get out of overly thick patio furniture cushions. You may want to go with something that is of medium thickness so that you can enjoy long hours relaxing and entertaining outside without getting sore. If the patio furniture cushions are too thin, you may find they’re not comfortable and that the hard surface of the chair, sofa or loveseat can be felt.

When you’re shopping for cushions for existing pieces of furniture, pay close attention to the specifications, including the height, width and depth. You want to make sure they will fit on the piece of furniture. The old rule of “measure twice, order once” is sage advice.

If you have traditional Adirondack furniture, you can even get cushions for them. They come in a variety of fabrics too, from solid colors to stripes and patterns. These patio furniture cushions can give your patio, porch, balcony or garden area an entirely new look. You can mix and match colors or styles, or go with a single selection to tie the entire furniture collection together.

If you’re worried about the cost of shipping, don’t. Some online furniture stores offer free shipping on your order so you don’t have to worry about paying a lot for shipping and handling, especially if you’re placing an order for a lot of patio furniture cushions in a customized pattern or color.

One thing’s for sure. The right style and color of cushions can really transform your outdoor spaces, creating an oasis of relaxation right in your own back yard.

How To Make The Most Of Antique Furniture Shops

It is a well-known fact that the layout and style of our homes accurately reflect our individual characters and personalities. Every item that we buy and display in our homes says something about us. As a result, it is essential that we pay attention to every item that we buy. Antiques are in fashion at the moment, as well as providing a sound investment, so more and more individuals are taking to exploring antique furniture shops in their quest for an identity and a bargain.

Antiques can bring your home a certain elegance and opulence that previous generations enjoyed in a vast array of styles and designs. Anyone taking a look around antique furniture stores is likely to find something to suit their tastes and browsing around several antique furniture stores will enable you to determine what kind of piece you are looking for.

Before even choosing a definitive style, you should identify what sort of era and place of origin you want in your furniture. Antiques are pieces of furniture over a hundred years old and come from all over the world so you have to really narrow the scope of your choice down. Antique furniture stores usually have an area of specialization and so browsing a few stores may help you to decide, although it is rare that you can actually browse through a range of eras in the one place. You must be prepared to travel or browse the Internet in order to help refine your tastes. As soon as you have defined a broad set of wants and needs, you can contact individual antique furniture stores in preparation for purchase.

Antique Oak Furniture Antique furniture stores are often few and far between in more rural or modern areas, but older towns and all cities should have a wide range of antiques available for purchase. However, more and more antiques furniture store owners are starting to offer their wares solely online. This cuts down costs and opens their business up to markets further afield. They can in fact sell their antiques all over the world. It also helps the consumer to choose the perfect piece for them because images and full descriptions are available online.

When dealing with online antique furniture stores, exercise a good degree of caution. The antiques business attracts big money so always be aware of fraudulent deals. Check out the store background and the history of the owner behind it. If you cannot trace him or her, or find something that you are not entirely satisfied with, then just walk away and try to find your desired piece elsewhere. Never hand over any money until you are satisfied with the antique furniture store’s communication and have all of the relevant information in writing.